GenesisRTX is designed to be flexible and scalable and to take full advantage of your COTS hardware.

Support for multiple platforms
Windows XP (32 and native 64 bit)
Windows 7 (native 64 bit)
Linux (native 64 bit)
Multi-core scalable
Multi-gpu scalable

Support for many commercial and government source data formats
Elevation data: Any raster format supported by GDAL can be utilized, including GeoTIFF, JP2K, DTED, and many others.
Vector data: Any format supported by OGR can be utilized, including ESRI Shapefile.
Imagery data: Any raster format supported by GDAL can be utilized, including GeoTIFF, JP2K, and many others.
Highly optimized loader for select formats. 

Run-time data manipulation via Assemblers
Get the most out of your source data without having to modify it off-line.
Visualize extremely complex environments from GIS source data
Linears: Roads, Walls, Fences, Bridges, Powerlines.
Points: Vegetation, Light pools, Directional point lights, OpenFlight models
Polygon: Generic buildings, Texture and color overlays

WGS84 continuous round earth
Fly continuously around the globe, with no loss of precision. 

Dynamic terrain
Add craters, ditches, and berms at run-time. Apply dynamic state changes to 3-D models. 

Advanced environment
Visibility: Fog, Haze, Ground fog
Rain, Snow
Ephemeris model (sun, moon, stars)
2D and 3D Volumetric Clouds
Selectable coverage
Automatic cultural lighting intensity based on global illumination level
Physics-based sensors

Reflections of environment and scene objects
Sea states (including wind speed and direction)
Ship wakes (bow and stern)

Switch control
Animation control
Level of detail support
Degree of freedom control
Screen-space culling
Advanced impostering
Special Effects
Smoke plume
Smoke trail
Missile trails
Rotor wash
Fire animations
Explosion animations
Water explosions

High-performance mission functions
Height above terrain (HAT)
Height of terrain (HOT)
Line of sight (LOS)
Advanced lighting effects
High-fidelity projected lights
Entity shadows

Human characters
DI-Guy Support


March 17th
Vestal, NY – March 17, 2017 – Diamond Visionics’ has released its latest GenesisRTX version 10.5.1 with some major technology upgrades and new feature enhancements that support Diamond Visionics priority on high-fidelity and higher quali…
November 11th
Vestal, NY – November 17, 2016 – Diamond Visionics announced today that Logistic Services International (LSI) has selected Diamond Visionics GenesisRTX Suite of Products (GenesisIG, GenesisSN & GenesisRDR) for the NAWCTSD AV-8B Deployable …
October 6th
Vestal, NY – October 6, 2016 – Diamond Visionics’ announces today that JF Taylor, Inc. has selected Diamond Visionics’ GenesisIG for the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Divisions (NAWCTSD) visual upgrade for U. S Marine C…
August 11th
Diamond Visionics announced today that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have chosen to upgrade their existing F-2 Instructor Desktop Training Devices with GenesisIG. The F-2 Instructor Desktop Training Systems are designed to simplify the training proces…