Command and Control

GenesisRTX is now developing products for command and control planning and operational visualization for customers who need to plan, oversee, and direct all aspects of an operation, exercise, war game, or actual conflict.

This would include intelligence gathering equipment, analysts on the ground to provide context, meaning, and perspective, and different ways of viewing or assembling that information so that the commander or command staff can make intelligent decisions.

There are many mission planning systems, and because GenesisRTX ingests the same sort of data that these systems utilize, GenesisRTX can add the visualization layer to these mostly 2D systems, eliminating any correlation issues between a compiled, data-manipulated visualization database that you will typically find in other viewers or IGs, and the terrain used in these mission planning.  Also, GenesisRTX’s rapid database update capability is especially critical for mission planning as the services want to use the best, most recent data available.

The Common Operating Picture (COP) is a visual overview of the battlefield showing the area of interest (terrain and features) and all of the resources involved in that operation, e.g., US forces, allied forces, enemy forces, targets, ingress, egress routes, etc. Having as accurate and up-to-date picture of all of these elements is critical to making good decisions.

In essence, GenesisRTX’s ability to add overlays, graphics, colorization of individual features, trajectory paths, and other augmented reality types of elements will ultimately provide the commander with the maximum amount of information -- and much more than would be available via reports, 2D sketches, or paper maps. 

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