Diamond Visionics Delivers Genesis RTX to Korean Army for Helicopter Aviation Tactical Training

Vestal, NY – February 10th, 2014 – Diamond Visionics LLC, the leading provider of out-the-window and sensor Image Generation solutions that run “on-the-fly” from GIS Source Data, today announced that GenesisRTX has been selected for a Helicopter Training Program. Multiple systems will be deployed through Diamond Visionics Korean partner NAVIWORKS Co., LTD.

“We look forward to the first of several deliveries with our partner NAVIWORKS in Korea,” said Dave Gdovin, President and Co-Founder of Diamond Visionics. “Genesis provides our customers with the greatest ease of use and lowest-cost of ownership and allows them local control of content generation and modifications. We are confident that with our partner NAVIWORKS, this will be the first of many program wins in Korea”.

The Diamond Visionics GenesisRTX was selected due to its unique ability to run on any COTS hardware and to cost effectively render the scene “on-the-fly” from GIS Source Data. This allows the customer to rapidly create and modify the terrain environment without relying on costly pre-generated databases.
This rapid turn-around is essential to our allies around the world in order to maintain the highest level of realism and operational preparedness. For more information on GenesisRTX and the Genesis Family of Products, please visit the Diamond Visionics web site at www.diamondvisionics.com.

About Diamond Visionics – Diamond Visionics is a privately held company based in New York that is leading the charge on low-cost of ownership, run from source geospatial visual simulation. Our unparalleled real-time rendering defines customer expectations, providing training needs from mission rehearsals to motion-based simulations.

About Naviworks Co., LTD – Naviworks is a privately held company based in Korea and has been providing the integrated Model and Simulation related products and technical services applicable to systematic validation/education/training throughout the training systems development, reliant on high-tech information accumulated in the last 10 years.