Diamond Visionics GenesisRTX to be featured in Renaissance Sciences Corporation’s NVG Stimulation Demonstration at BARCO Open House

Diamond Visionics LLC(DVC), the leading provider of out-the-window and sensor image generation solutions, is proud to announce that GenesisRTX will be featured in the Renaissance Sciences Corporation (RSC) SimHDR-EO NVG stimulation darkroom at the BARCO Training and Simulation Open House, the day after the IMAGE conference on July 10, 2014.
This marks the first year that the IMAGE Conference will be held at the University of Dayton on July 8-9, 2014 followed by an Open House demonstration of NVG stimulation and simulation technologies at BARCO’s facility in Xenia, Ohio.
RSC will be partnering with BARCO to demonstrate its SimHDR-EO NVG product integrated into Diamond Visionics GenesisRTX for a realistic, physics-based, NVG stimulation using BARCO projectors. This demonstration was a main attraction at the recent ITEC 2014, the International Military, Education and Simulation Tradeshow held in Cologne, Germany. IMAGE attendees are encouraged to take the opportunity to come view the demonstration the day after IMAGE at the BARCO Facility located at 600 Bellbrook Avenue, Xenia, OH.
“Diamond Visionics is excited for the opportunity to work with RSC and BARCO again to show the world the true strength of each company together,” said David Gdovin, President and Co-Founder of Diamond Visionics. “The combination of these three companies creates a stimulated scene that looks so amazingly realistic that has to be seen to be believed.”
“BARCO is pleased to partner with DVC and RSC on BARCO’s open house event to demonstrate cutting edge NVG simulation demonstrations with BARCO’s latest state of the art projector technology and RSC’s SimHDR-EO NVG product,” added Peter De Meerleer, Director of Strategic Marketing at BARCO.
Diamond Visionics, LLC is a privately held, small business based in Vestal, NY that produces cutting edge 3D visualization, image generation, and interactive source editing tools for the operational and simulation markets (GenesisRTX : GenesisIG, GenesisMP, GenesisSN, and GenesisSDK). Visit www.diamondvisionics.com for more information.
Renaissance Sciences Corporation provides visual simulation products and services while specializing in high-fidelity real-time visual and sensor simulation products and services. Expert services include the sourcing of commercial and government geospatial data and the production and integration of large-area refined geospatial datasets, especially those targeting physics-based virtual and constructive synthetic environments. Visit www.rscusa.com for more information.