Diamond Visionics Works with NVIDIA and Concurrent to Deliver “ImaGen™ Powered by GenesisIG”

Vestal, NY – July24, 2014 – Diamond Visionics, LLC, the leader in high-performance geospatial visual simulation, today announced the availability of ImaGen Powered by GenesisIG, a jointly developed, single box, 4-channel image generation system for high-performance simulation and training applications with 4K resolution. Diamond Visionics collaborated with NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing, and partnered with Concurrent Computer Corporation’s real-time Linux® solutions business, to produce ImaGen Powered by GenesisIG, a first of its kind solution to the training industry – a powerful 4-channel IG in a single, 4U enclosure. The real-time 4K from one box separates it from the entire industry. The new platform offers ultra-smooth rendering performance at Mach speeds while reducing IG cost, footprint and power consumption. ImaGen Powered by GenesisIG is also available in 1, 2 and 3-channel versions all with full HD channels from one Box.
Diamond Visionics’ GenesisIG is a family of image generation software that provides real-time, CIGI-compliant rendering directly from GIS source data, including elevation, imagery and shape files. GenesisIG takes advantage of the multiple cores on ImaGen system to deliver jitter-less, high-fidelity real-time visualization. With GenesisIG, an entire 3D scene can be built on-screen at 60 Hz in real-time. Visualization is immediate and can be modified on-the-fly. GenesisIG also offers options for advanced physics-based FLIR, NVG, Radar and E/O sensor simulation.
For optimal performance, the system uses NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 professional graphics cards. Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time operating system and ImaGen visual server family provide the most flexible, multi-channel COTS-based graphics platforms available today. ImaGen can be custom configured to address a broad range of price/performance requirements from single-channel systems to large, multi-channel solutions.
Dave Gdovin, Diamond Visionics President and co-founder, says, “The power of GenesisIG software allows you to ingest and run your raw GIS source data quickly. This collaboration and advancement in simulation technology will provide a more robust and cost effective solution for our customers. We will continue to push the envelope of simulation technology with NVIDIA and Concurrent into the future.”
Doug Traill, NVIDIA Senior Solutions Architect, says, “The ImaGen™ Powered by GenesisIG solution takes full advantage of our Quadro GPUs to give the simulation community a platform capable of supporting extremely high-fidelity scenes. By placing multiple GPUs in a single system, overall system cost and complexity are greatly reduced.”
Diamond Visionics, LLC, is a privately held, small business based in Vestal, NY, that produces cutting-edge 3D visualization, image generation and interactive source editing tools for the operational and simulation markets (GenesisRTX : GenesisIG, GenesisMP, GenesisSN, and GenesisSDK). Visit www.diamondvisionics.com for more information.
Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) is a global leader in video, media data intelligence and real-time Linux® solutions. Concurrent Real-Time is the industry’s foremost provider of high-performance real-time computer systems and software solutions for commercial and government markets worldwide. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Concurrent Real-Time’s core competencies include hardware-in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulation, high-speed data acquisition, process control and low-latency transactions processing for a wide range of markets. Visit www.real-time.ccur.com for more information.