Tim Woodard of Diamond Visionics to speak at Image Conference

Vestal, NY – June 21, 2016 – Diamond Visionics’ announces that Tim Woodard has been chosen to speak at this year’s Image Conference at the University of Dayton, River Campus, Dayton, OH. Mr. Woodard will be speaking on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

Tim Woodard has published and presented previously at Image, GTC, I/ITSEC, ASQ, and ITEC conferences. Mr. Woodard’s speech entitled, “Deferring Commitment For Scene Content Generation” pertains to Image generation software that has traditionally been based on the concept of loading pre-computed databases, and rendering them utilizing a scene-graph approach. Modern hardware provides a number of mechanisms which can enable deferring commitment regarding the form that scene data takes at run-time, eliminating the need for pre-computing scene content. By utilizing parallel processing and modern OpenGL techniques, scene content can be generated “on demand”. The result is that an order of magnitude increase in performance can be achieved when compared to previously available rendering methods. This paper will cover some of the available techniques and how they impact overall rendering performance and fidelity.

Mr. Tim Woodard is the Chief Technology Officer at Diamond Visionics, with over 19 years of experience specializing in the design and development of software architectures for real-time PC-based image generation using Agile development processes, advanced C++, and modern OpenGL techniques. Mr. Woodard has received patents for the real-time simulator database generation technology which forms the basis of Diamond Visionics’ GenesisRTX worldwide database generation system. GenesisRTX provides high-fidelity generation, visualization, and manipulation of visual databases at run-time directly from source data on low-cost PC-based platforms, eliminating the need for traditional labor-intensive off-line database production processes. Tim has served as the Director of Engineering, Director of Research and Development, and principal investigator for a number of Phase I, II, III US Government Small Business Innovative Research Grants.

Those seeking additional information about the Image Conference and Mr. Woodard’s speech should visit the Image website.

Link to: http://image-society.org/EVENTS/16IMAGE/PAPERS-2016/A-LIST.html

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