Diamond Visionics vastly improves loading of NPSI Airfields

Vestal, NY – June 12, 2017– Diamond Visionics’ is announcing today that their GenesisRTX software has been greatly improved to facilitate the loading of NAVAIR Portable Source Initiative (NPSI) airfields. This software enhancement will be utilized by the US Navy with the DMRT and US Marines in our KC-130T contracts. Many airfields in the NPSI dataset are projected in a flat earth coordinate system from pre-generated legacy systems from various providers. Since GenesisRTX uses a round earth WGS-84 model, software was added to automatically do this conversion, resulting in the direct rendering of these airfields on-the-fly. “The ultimate goal of the NPSI”, said Daniel Peters Sales Manager of Diamond Visionics, “is to reduce the cost of dataset development through reuse. The GenesisRTX software is uniquely qualified to provide the most up-to-date accurate scenes for our pilots of the US Armed Forces. The ability to keep the pilots training on the most impressive visual scenes while reducing the previous legacy costs for the Government is a top priority for Diamond Visionics.”
Diamond Visionics, LLC is a privately held, small business based in Vestal, NY that produces cutting edge 3D visualization, image generation, and interactive source editing tools for the operational and simulation markets (GenesisRTX : GenesisIG, GenesisRDR, GenesisSN, and GenesisSDK).