Successs for Diamond Visionics

Diamond Visionics has always envisioned two main goals – to take the pilot training experience and make it as close to real-life as possible and provide it for the lowest cost. The company defined that need first with the Navy, and noticed that pilot simulation training at the time was limited to pre-defined database areas all over the world. This worldwide database presented a significant cost challenge to model the world. The challenge was resolved with a new software architecture that created the world directly from source data. Huge savings were realized because Diamond Visionics’ powerful algorithms eliminated the massive labor intensive work necessary to create the world.
The company utilized funding from the Navy’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to turn this vision into a reality. The technology, which eventually evolved into its patented GenesisRTX product line, has realized substantial success in both military and commercial including International markets.
Boeing is one of DVC’s largest customers to date, and they employ its Enterprise Agreement with GenesisIG image generation software and GenesisSN sensor software on its systems including the F-15, F-16 and F-22 simulators. BAE UK uses its Enterprise Agreement to utilize GenesisIG for its F-35 Program and Typhoon, as well as multiple UAV programs for its maritime simulations in the United Kingdom. In addition, DVC has a network of resellers across the globe.
“A lot of companies are in the visual simulation field, can all create a pretty picture. But what we do is different,” explains Jason Gdovin, Marketing Services at Diamond Visionics. “We create the scene in real time, in 1/60th of a second. This on-the-fly rendering directly from source data provides the human in the loop with more resolution and content and is what sets us apart, from our competitors who have to develop a more expensive and time consuming database. This means you can fly around the globe, from place to place, and view more of everything in real time.”
This real-time rendering allows the user to rapidly change data sets with continuity, and eliminates the need to create an offline static database. The high-resolution graphics allow for a life-like flight representation to and from anywhere in the world.
After a successful Phase I with the Navy, DVC began its Phase II portion of the project, and subsequently joined the Navy TAP. Not long after, Genesis was selected for use on the Boeing AH-64 Apache simulator and on contracts with the Navy such as KC-130T and DMRT.

“The TAP and the Navy Opportunity Forum® made it possible for us to get our newly developed products in front of business executives and military decision makers,” said Gdovin. “This is how technology that solves problems, saves money, and sometimes saves lives get recognized quickly.”

Commercially, DVC works with several helicopter customers like Airbus, Agusta, Westland, and ESG in the European marketplace.

Currently, Diamond Visionics is taking its simulations below the surface of the ocean, in an effort to provide realistic submarine training. Above water, the company is working with a new water model that is set to be released soon.

At the beginning of the year, the company announced the release of its newest GenesisRTX version 10.5.3, which contains some major technology upgrades and new feature enhancements. Some of these features include high resolution dynamic ground tracks, the ability to re-project flat-earth Open-Flight models into round earth coordinates for loading into GenesisRTX, underwater explosions, and improved surface reflections.

Diamond Visionics employs 16 people at its headquarters in Upstate New York, and continues to pursue the federal SBIR program to solve critical needs for the government and industry alike.

“SBIR allows you to tie in a proof of concept, and get the teams of people excited about what it is we’re trying to create,” adds Gdovin. “The program gives you a problem to solve, and we know there is a true customer at the end of the tunnel in need of that solution.”