GenesisRDR is an advanced radar module that enables the simulation of physically accurate and fully correlated radar applications. 

GenesisRDR, which is based on JRM Technologies’ Sensor SDK and Diamond Visionics’ GenesisRTX technology, synthesizes physics-based signatures on the fly (OTF) from a single material-property encoded 3D database of terrain, cultural features, atmosphere and targets. 

Since GenesisRDR runs on the same spectral, material-property-encoded terrain and target database as is used for EO/IR wavelengths, the results are automatically fully correlated with other sensor modes. (e.g. NVG, MWIR, LWIR). 

GenesisRDR supports a variety of active mode outputs, including SAR (strip map, spotlight, and scan), ISAR, Wide-Area Scan, PPI, MTI/ GMTI, Weather, DBS and GBM modes. Terrain areal RCS parameters are stored in the same material data files as are used in EO/IR modeling. RF propagation is based on RADTRAN calculations, using the same atmospheric profile specification as for MODTRAN. 

All GenesisRDR modes use 32-bit floating point GPU processing for signatures and atmospherics, with frame rate performance ranging from about 1 Hz for full spectral rendering, to 60 Hz or better with a standard 8-24 bit integer frame buffer. GenesisRDR also includes a flexible API for integration into any visual system.

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