Low Cost of Ownership
GenesisRTX and our products build upon the GenesisRTX engine, have the industry-unique ability to generate the visual scene dynamically, or “on-the-fly”. This ability allows the user to develop and update content much more rapidly than any other visual engine in the VisSim industry.

This single feature alone allows our customers to save orders-of-magnitude in time over other methods of building scene content called “databases.” These databases require days — or even weeks — to build. The process must be done over and over with different parameters for each mission type needed (high flyer, low flyer, driving, etc.). The process and tools are antiquated, very expensive, slow, outdated, problematic, and require ongoing training and manpower to use and maintain. Most of these tools are still only 32-bit which will “run” on a 64-bit PC but will not take advantage of the expensive PCs you also must have to build the databases, thus adding even more overhead cost to the process.

Our process includes none of these above adjectives.

GenesisRTX uses the exact same GIS formats the above-mentioned tools inject, but builds the entire scene immediately after you run our software.

We are able to do this using standard COTS hardware, using only true 64-bit code that runs on either Linux or Windows platforms. Our publically available Global Dataset, supplied upon request, starts you out with the entire planet. All you have to do from here is to add your specific AOIs as needed. The GenesisRTX engine needs only XML formatted files to set all necessary parameters for the use of your data.

This also allows you to adjust the parameters of your visual scene literally in seconds, and see the new changes immediately. No need to rebuild a database. Simply rerun the engine to see the results.

Other vendors’ “solutions” use highly structured data formats that are costly due to the following:

  • Tools are very costly with high annual maintenance costs
  • Databases generated are optimized to some predetermined assumption, requiring rebuild for each mission type such as: ground warfare, fast jet fighters, slow large aircraft, helicopter sims, etc.
  • Increase in data preparation time and manpower
  • Each time the data updates (AVDAFIF, DTED, imagery, etc.) the database needs to be rebuilt, creating a continual duplication of effort and cost
  • Database tools change frequently, requiring continual and costly training to stay current on the process.

So why take the risk to change Image Generators? Simple: Low cost of ownership.
“We do more in 16.667ms than other Image Generators do all day!”

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