Custom Solutions

At Diamond Visionics we realize that each use customer is unique and deserves special attention. For this reason we have maintained the core engine of our products as an API. GenesisSDK allows any user to leverage our state-of-the-art rendering software to meet their individual needs. We realize customers may desire to leverage our expertise to develop a desired custom solution. Diamond Visionics is prepared to work with you to create the solution that you need. Please contact us to see how we can bridge the gap from where you are… to where you want to be.

Customers have the option to extend Genesis with their own software products to add additional third-party capability. We have many custom extensions that can be hooked into our products. We have a well-defined plug-in interface that allows for a smooth extension of our default capabilities. Plugins include overlays, image processing, warp and blend, and networking. We also have a powerful concept of “custom intermediate assemblers.” Customers can inject into our scene custom geometry that is sorted and rendered with our atmospherics along with the rest of the scene. They can adapt our software to any data format and reinterpret existing data types to create complex structures from simple data.

New feature development is always going on at Diamond Visionics and we are eager to talk with you about how we can adapt and improve our product for you. Our team of highly-skilled engineers can expand our current feature set to include those you desire. After development, these features will be integrated into our baseline product and will be supported through our maintenance program