Training and Simulation

GenesisRTX is a unique and advanced technology that eliminates the boundary between traditional database generation and visualization. GenesisRTX is a dynamic construction engine designed to provide high-fidelity real-time visualization using GIS source data (including vector, model, imagery, classification, and elevation sources) by leveraging modern GPU architectures and multi-core processors.

This technology eliminates the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive off-line database generation, while providing significantly higher fidelity than is typically possible using traditional approaches. The result is high-quality, high-performance 3D visualization constructed on-the-fly during run-time directly from the source data for a much lower cost, in a much shorter time, with significantly less effort.

The time saved by using this approach can be applied to producing higher-quality visualizations over larger areas with a shorter turnaround, rather than be spent operating complex terrain tools, managing multiple versions of off-line terrain databases, and copying large amounts of data for small iterative changes. Furthermore, generating the visual scene directly from source data also provides an unprecedented amount of scalability and flexibility, allowing the same data to be visualized on a wide range of hardware for a large range of applications with user-controlled fidelity.

The Genesis Family of products consists of GenesisIG (our turnkey full image generator solution), GenesisSN (our physics based sensor image generation solution), GenesisRDR (our physics based radar image generation solution), and GenesisLunar (our moon based image generation solution). All of these products are built on the GenesisRTX, which serves as the underlying dynamic construction, data processing, mission function, and 2D/3D visualization engine and includes GenesisAM (an XML project configuration and preview tool).